Achieve Results With 1:1 Accountability &  Semi-Private Training.

At SydFIT Platinum Studio, you will have access to a unique and exclusive experience for training, nutrition and recovery.


Our Core Programs

Personal Training

Experience training that is tailored to your goals and schedule.

Semi-Private Training

Get the accountability and attention of personal training in a fun group setting.

Nutrition Coaching

Accelerate body recomposition and create sustainable new habits for long term results.

We'll help you find a program that fits your goals & your lifestyle.

Whether you are short of time, busy at work, stressed out, prone to injury, scared to start, or on a budget, we can help you find the right program for you.


a private studio that inspires to perform And promotes recovery.

All training sessions are held at our exclusive Elmira Platinum Studio, which is uniquely designed and equipped to provide a personalized experience like no other.

Getting Started Is Easy...

You are just 3 steps away from getting your personal fitness and wellness journey started.

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You will be speaking with a coach to help you make a plan based on your goals.

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Proof Speaks Louder Than Words...

We have coached hundreds of people with many different lifestyles and goals.  Whether you are looking to be healthier in your everyday life or competing at the highest level of any sport or activity, we can help!

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Mandy Bujold
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